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Lyssa’s Stuff in the Philippines

“The Philippines?” Yes! Being half Filipina, I have a lot of family in the PH. My mom went to visit last year, and took some of my jewelry with her as gifts for the family. They were a hit! People kept asking where she got her earrings. While planning her next trip to the PH, Mom had the idea to bring an entire inventory and have jewelry house parties. (My mom throws great house parties. Entertaining is in her blood!)

Armed with an array of Infinity Twists and various studs, Mom sold them one by one. And then my cousin came into the picture. Megi is amazing. She made us an Instagram account (lyssastuff) specifically tailored to the Filipino community, and single-handedly took our following from 0 to 1700 in about a month. Within days, she had models, actresses, and fashionistas texting her for meetups for jewelry.

Did you see that beautiful logo? My cousin Choloy designed that for me.


The one thing I’ve always lamented is not having professional photographs and a model. I’ve tried taking photos myself, but all that did was to increase my admiration for photographers. (If you’re a photographer, KUDOS! I don’t know how you do it.) And this is where we introduce the lovely Ms. Farah Lopez, and the Bigyaw Project, the photography company run by my cousin, Bee, and her boyfriend.


After a three hour photoshoot, Ms. Lopez and the Bigyaw Project made my dreams come true. Take a look at my new website for more pictures of the lovely Ms. Lopez. If you’d like to follow her on Instagram or Twitter, her name is farahlopez.

Long update, but well worth it! Look how far Lyssa’s Stuff has gone with the help of these wonderful people!


About melissadawnmakes

Hi! I'm Lyssa, the creator behind Melissa Dawn Designs! I work with PMC and Goldie Bronze metal clays to design jewelry inspired by literature, video games, and pop culture. I'll be posting a lot of works in progress, and am happy to create some tutorials if you have any questions about metal clay. You can find my work at And I'm very active on Instagram @melissadawnjewelry Visit my Facebook Page for special offers, notifications of new items, and general fun stuff! Special offers are now happening more frequently, so be there often! :) I also have a Tumblr blog, which I will update more frequently now! In it I post my new pieces:

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