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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Time for some resolutions! Or at least some introspection.

So I’ve been seeing Shroeder Jone’s awesome cartoon on understanding introverts a lot lately. It’s all over my Tumblr feed, my Facebook feed, all the feeds. And it is SPOT ON. I even used it to explain to my mom why it takes a lot for me to do a jewelry show. It’s not the set up and the driving and the hours of frantic preparation that scare me, it’s the face time. The idea of getting out there and talking to people for hours at a time is daunting.

But once I manage to make it past the anxiety and actually get to the show, I’m pretty ok. Typically, people don’t crowd at  tables, so I get quality time with people. I get to make friends. And next time I do a show and see familiar faces, I feel a little more at ease. One of my business resolutions is to try and do more shows this year.

And it’s not that I don’t like people, it’s just that I feel so awkward. Like that kid who tells a joke, and everyone just stares. I even have to ask for help on social protocols on Facebook. For example, is it pretentious to Like it when someone shares your post? Does that read as, “Thank you for sharing my work, I really appreciate it!” or does it come off as, “That’s right. I’m awesome.” Help. What is Twitter for? I don’t post what I’m doing, or anything witty, or anything under 140 characters. What do I say….Help.

But social media is the way of the future! It’s how a random anybody can become a successful entrepreneur! All it takes is networking. So say all the books I’ve read, anyway. Blogging and posting are just as daunting as shows. Most of the things that I’d write about are very off topic. Like today, for example. I made jewelry and wondered about ducks. How do ducks’ legs not get cold? I see them swimming in our lake, and I know they have nerve endings in their legs, but do they just not mind cold? Their bodies have down, but what about the legs?

I’m going to try my best to be more active online instead of just lurking for another year, so please bear with the awkward and off topic that you see.

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Hi! I'm Lyssa, the creator behind Melissa Dawn Designs! I work with PMC and Goldie Bronze metal clays to design jewelry inspired by literature, video games, and pop culture. I'll be posting a lot of works in progress, and am happy to create some tutorials if you have any questions about metal clay. You can find my work at And I'm very active on Instagram @melissadawnjewelry Visit my Facebook Page for special offers, notifications of new items, and general fun stuff! Special offers are now happening more frequently, so be there often! :) I also have a Tumblr blog, which I will update more frequently now! In it I post my new pieces:

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  1. Facebook Likes: “The people who mind don’t matter; the people who matter won’t mind.” Duck legs: Who says they don’t get cold? Maybe they dream of someone giving them leggings! But just dreaming doesn’t get one much, does it? So there you have it. The wisdom of the ages, or aged.


  2. I’d like to think that Duck Legs are retractable at times and that ducks themselves are powered by cute and awesome =). Mallards are fun.



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