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The Wedding is almost HERE! And I’m not ready.

Seriously, where does the time go? It really seems like just yesterday I announced my engagement to this awesome guy. Remember that awesome Mass Effect proposal he did?



And now the wedding is here. Well, in September anyway. We haven’t even planned our cake yet! We’re having fun getting the music list together though. Neither of us is the most successful dancer, nor even passably graceful, so we’re having karaoke to avoid serious injuries. (Not that either of us are any good at singing. Should be a Youtube worthy wedding!) I’m not sure that the photographer/DJ really understood how offbeat we are. The suggested music list was full of R&B, soulful country ballads, and hiphop. Where were the video game scores and trance music, and who has a wedding without at least one Beatles tune? I’d love to do my walk down the isle to the Spectre Induction from Mass Effect 1. I hope the DJ can get the soundtrack! I would feel so EPIC!

Cover of "Mass Effect Original Game Sound...

Cover of Mass Effect Original Game Soundtrack

I’m still searching around the internet for some shoes. I’m leaning toward Tardis does. 1. I LOVE the Doctor. 2. My bridesmaids are in Tardis blue dresses! Maybe these?

LeadFoodLucy’s Tardis Heels


I just hope I’ve got them in the budget, haha! Did I mention that we’re closing on a townhouse in July? Just in time for my man’s birthday! I’m so excited. There’s just something about leaving the apartment life that feels so good. No matter how much personal stuff we have, or how we decorate, living in an apartment always feels transient. Everything can change at any time. I’m looking forward to settling down. (Yes, 12-year-old self, I said settling down. Don’t freak out.)

Anyway, there are still a million decorations to make. I’ve got to make paper flowers, candy for our Honeyduke’s dessert table, wooden signs with things like “Always.” and “Allons-y!” and “Mawwage” and little coin/candy pouches for the favors, and more, but I don’t have my list in front of me. Check out my Pinterest board if you want to see the styles I’m thinking of!

I love this bouquet! I really want to do this, but have some of the flowers be pages from my favorite books. (Copies! I could never bring myself to actually rip up a book.)

Love this bouquet!! Aren’t the colors fantastic?

And we’ve GOT to have a Monster Book of Monsters for our guest book.

Check out this Harry Potter wedding. Talk about a theme!

To all of you on Pinterest, if you find cool geek wedding DIY‘s send those pins my way! I can use all the help I can get!


I’m so ready to BE married. To come home to my HUSBAND and call him that all the time! But the wedding itself? So not ready. I just hope I don’t panic when everyone looks at me. And I hope I don’t trip on the way down the isle.


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