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Our Weird Wedding Masquerading as “Normal” (Pic Heavy!)

Our Weird Wedding Masquerading as “Normal” (Pic Heavy!)

It’s been 6 months since marrying my husband, and embarrassingly enough, I still haven’t blogged about it! It’s hard to believe that six whole months have gone by. Time doesn’t fly. Time got a warp drive.

The stately Castle McCulloch

The stately Castle McCulloch

Our wedding took place in a very classy castle, complete with moat, suit of armor, and resident duck. The wedding party processed from the castle, across the bridge and to the pavilion to the timeless “Indiana Jones Theme.” Then the “Spectre Induction” from Mass Effect started playing, the dj yelled, “Go, go, GO!” through the walkie talkie, and Dad and I made our way to the ceremony.

0135_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5052The ceremony itself was solemn and tasteful, with references to how much we love each other despite laundry procrastination and stubbornness. Between our Ravenclaw and Griffyndor colored crests hung the One Ring, and our dear friend presiding over the union even managed to work in a Smeagol impersonation. All in all, very normal and not at all alarming to older relatives.

0010_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_4873Our reception featured vodka soaked gummies, Kahlua brownie balls, candy Legos, Chocolate Frogs and a banquet of what a southern caterer believed was Filipino food. It was tasty, if not accurate. The entertainment was provided by our friends and family, who all took turns at the karaoke, singing everything from the Beatles “Eight Days a Week” to “White Wedding.”


The first dance was excellently choreographed by Dance Dance Revolution, and I did not once fall on my face. (It helps that I took off my heels and went barefoot.)


When it came time for speeches, the best man led with a song that he felt summed up our love, and all the groomsmen joined him for a very enthusiastic rendition of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”


Not to be outdone, my father had prepared a special speech, which was, in fact, a rap. He put on his backwards baseball cap and told me to feed my husband well, or he might “stay at work late,” as well as other bits of advice about not having children until we’re ready to spend less time on video games.

And that was our nerdy wedding with enough normality to keep relatives from having heart attacks! Scroll down for more photos!

0001_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_4849 0005_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_4858 0012_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_4876 0013_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_4877 0014_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_48780010_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_4873 0083_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_4969 0084_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_4970 0108_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5006 0158_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5097 0135_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5052 0176_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5123 0245_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5236 0252_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_52610311_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5444 0268_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5318 0280_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5347 0278_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_53430293_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_53890300_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_54140714_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_62790326_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_54870419_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_56560443_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_57050453_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5729 0530_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5893 0517_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5870 0497_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5820 0552_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5938 0390_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5594 0579_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5990 0608_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_60760699_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_6240


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