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Happy Anniversary!


Tomorrow marks one year of marriage for my husband and me. One year of being a wife. Honestly, I can say that things haven’t really changed at all, and I love it! We are still best friends, still madly in love, still on the same page. Sure, jobs changed and we redecorated a bit. But as far as our love goes, it’s strong and only growing stronger. We have so much respect for each other, and that allows to understand the other’s quirks. I’m really fortunate to have found someone who loves and accepts me for who l am and doesn’t judge me when I’m socially anxious or a complete workaholic.


Every challenge we’ve faced so far, we’ve handled like Amy and Rory I “Together, or not at all.” He and I are constantly changing, but we always grow together. Happy Anniversary, and may we always love who the other becomes!0293_www.BlueBoxWeddings.com_IMG_5389


About melissadawnmakes

Hi! I'm Lyssa, the creator behind Melissa Dawn Designs! I work with PMC and Goldie Bronze metal clays to design jewelry inspired by literature, video games, and pop culture. I'll be posting a lot of works in progress, and am happy to create some tutorials if you have any questions about metal clay. You can find my work at And I'm very active on Instagram @melissadawnjewelry Visit my Facebook Page for special offers, notifications of new items, and general fun stuff! Special offers are now happening more frequently, so be there often! :) I also have a Tumblr blog, which I will update more frequently now! In it I post my new pieces:

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