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Kitchen Reno!

Kitchen Reno!

So! In the midst of all the job hunting and working and commissions (finished one today, awesome!!) I have decided that I hate my kitchen. Well, hate is a strong word. I vehemently dislike “greige.”I know, there are tons of “greiges” out there, and I probably haven’t met the right “greige” yet, but I know that is not Mr. Right on my kitchen walls.

I really wish I’d thought to take a before picture, but I forgot. If I find an old photo, I’ll try to update!

Anyway. There are a number of things that I’ve been wanting to do with my kitchen, and this has been the week for it. I’m on a tight budget, so everything had to be super affordable.

I found my paint at Habitat ReStore just down the road. I got lucky! There was half a gallon of dark yellow, and two tiny sample containers of a much lighter yellow. Together, they mixed together to nearly match the swatch my husband and his sister and I loved from Lowes! (My sister-in-law is living with us right now, so of course she gets a say!)


All three paints were satin, interior latex paints, so they could be mixed with no problems. Together the three cost me about $7. Not bad at all for a gallon of paint! Here are a couple shots of the painted kitchen. The first was indirect sunlight. It looks much lighter at night, but really becomes golden when we get the full afternoon sun.


Another thing we wanted to do was fix the laundry nook in the kitchen. There used to be folding doors covering the previous owner’s washer dryer set, but our set was just a little too deep. When we took off the doors, we found that the kitchen was first white, then green, then greige, and you could see all three in a neat little line around the nook. Yuck. Now it’s all yellow!


I also took the time to swap the positions of the washer and dryer, and flip the door on the dryer so you don’t have to haul laundry over the washer door. It wasn’t a big deal when we moved in, but I’ve noticed that wet laundry pressing on the top of the door for the past two years made the door loose, and we had some leaking. Fixed that too though! The door just needed to be tightened up.



If you haven’t seen my Home boards on Pinterest, I have some gorgeous things saved! One of them was the diy table top to fit over a washer and dryer. I need this! I picked up a sheet of cabinet-grade plywood at Home Depot for $24, and cut it down to fit the nook. The extra bits from the sheet are going to be used for another diy project: an aquarium stand that will house my husband’s mead while it ferments. Nothing says love like hobbies sharing space!

Back to the laundry nook. I made a ledger out of  1×1’s I found at ReStore for $.50 a piece. I cut it down and attached it to the studs in the wall, then screwed the table top to the ledger. Eventually I’m going to add a wire or chain to that farthest edge to keep it safe from gravity. For right now, I have a bit of the plywood underneath to help it stay propped up. It doesn’t really need it, but just in case I put down something heavy on the edge, I wanted a little support. Oh! And I finished the table top with polyurethane (also ReStore) that I got for $1.

One last thing! I found this awesome little cabinet at a garage sale for $3. Painted it white, and I’m going to do a faux frosted glass thing since the windows are acrylic and I don’t really want to see my cleaning supplies in it anyway. It’s going to be attached to the wall above the laundry table with some l-brackets I got for $3 at ReStore. Can you tell I love ReStore?


All in so far, $39. And my kitchen looks completely new! It’s not done yet. I want to paint a faux backsplash with the teal paint I got for free from a curb alert. I also would LOVE to pull up the linoleum tiles. Previous Owner slapped them down on top of the original linoleum, and they’re starting to slip and come up. But that’s when I have money to do real tile. For now, it’ll just have to stay as is.

Keep tuned in for the finished kitchen! Hopefully I can get a hold of some nice plants too.



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  1. One has to presume that you’re watching for tile at Restore, too. Maybe you should tag Restore so Habitat for Humanity can see how useful their store has been to you an addition to the great work they do providing homes for those who could not afford them without Habitat?



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