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Maker Monday is Local!

Maker Monday is Local!

This Monday’s Maker is a local that I actually know! Well, she’s local if you live in the Raleigh, NC area. Otherwise, she’s not very local to your locale. Anyway, enough of that, here she is!


This is Amy Richards, and this is her wonderful work!

She has a fantastic aesthetic. I met her at a holiday show this past Christmas, and really fell for her watercolors. If you’re a Maker who hangs out with other Makers, you’ve probably done a trade or two. For those who haven’t, trading is a nifty thing we like to do when we really want someone else’s work, but the only thing we have to offer is our own talent. An easy trade is when you value one of your Doojiewingits at the same value as someone else’s Thingamabob, and you trade one for one.

Amy and I did that at the show, and I got these lovely prints! I sort of gave the NC coffee one to my husband as a gift, but really, that was just a formality. It’s still mine.




What we did recently was way too cool not to share. Amy saw the ring I made for this year’s Valentine’s Day treat, and she loved it so much, she asked if we could do another trade. This time, I custom made her heart ring, and she custom painted a dog portrait of my little man! Of course, I couldn’t be normal about it. I wanted to showcase Odin at his absolute dorkiest. Amy said to send pics, so I flooded her phone with all the most adorable shots of Odin. Fancy Odin, Dorky Odin, Sleepy Odin, more Odin than you’d ever care to see.

Our dog is just the most ridiculous little thing ever. Think dog version of Draco Malfoy. A purebred whose bark is much worse than his bite, and goes crying to daddy (and mommy) when things don’t go his way. He’s such a little dork though! When he plays with his toys, sometimes his lip gets stuck and he forgets to put his teeth back in. It’s the cutest. So that was my only wish for Amy’s portrait.Please show his teeth!

She totally delivered.


This is so Odin! This is the face he makes when he’s in the middle of playing, and looks up to see if you’re still paying attention to him! She caught his perfect little face without even meeting him. Awesome.


{Amy, I’m sorry Odin’s still on the mantle in plastic…I haven’t gotten the right frame/mat combo yet! I will soon, I promise!}

Well, that’s Amy! I’d love you to check out her website, and her Instagram is amazing too.



I just saw this video on Upworthy (a favorite internet haunt of mine for its uplifting and intriguing content) about social interaction through objects, such as cellphones and other electronic devices.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected. I was watching with the expectation that the upshot would be that more electronics meant a more limited human experience. Instead, these interface designers were showing how the digitally networked experience can enhance our interactions instead of limit them. They used some really great examples including the Egyptian revolution and the Occupy Wall St movement.

However, it also sort of terrified me. I don’t know where my place would be in a world where every object has a digital aspect or representation. I’m terrible at talking on the phone because the lack of body language and facial expression makes me question my interpretations of their responses. I’m terrible at Twitter because I don’t feel the need to announce my lunch time to everyone who happens across my feed.

I work with my hands with very limited “connectivity.” Although my kiln and lamps and dremel are all powered on electricity, none are connected to the web. My designs are in a notebook instead of in CAD. My clay colors are in little physical sample tiles that I’ve made over the years.

I’m much more comfortable in the world of textures and tactile sensations than I am in the digital world. (I proved it to myself when I tried to create my own website from scratch. HA! Now I use

If the world is becoming more and more electronic, where is my place as an artisan? In this age when a design can be digitally rendered,  printed on a 3D printer, and be born never having been touched by the human hand, where do I fit?

I guess I’ll find out.