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Maker Monday Goes Medieval

Maker Monday Goes Medieval

Happy Monday! Today, I’m excited to share with you this AMAZING store I found on Etsy. It’s called Armstreet, and if you have a medieval obsession like I do, you’re going to love this store.


Love it already, don’t you? I know. It’s completely fantastic. Click on the pictures for the Etsy listings! This seven person team from the Ukraine does an incredible job of designing, sewing, and photographing their work.


I am blown away by their attention to detail. I’ve zoomed in on their pictures, and may I say that their seams are dreamy. Perfect. As someone who went to school for costume design, I drool over their work.


Just browsing their store is a joy. They take so much time and effort for their photo shoots, and the finished product is breathtaking. I would buy prints of these for my walls.


Armstreet: it’s not just ladies’ garb! Their selection of men’s wear is incredible as well. Look at the brocade! Look at the metal work on the belt!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Maker Monday feature! Please check out their Etsy shop here, and enjoy the other 300+ items they have to offer!


Store story! The origins of Lyssa’s Stuff

Store story! The origins of Lyssa’s Stuff

Now that you’ve met my little family, it’s time to meet what I do all day! (Besides looking at gifs of Joss Whedon‘s works…and puppies.)

My first store was Lyssa’s Stuff. I began making things with polymer clay when I was little, but of course, being a kid, never took it seriously. My pride at that time was my beautiful 3 story dollhouse. It had a porch, and doors with hinges, and I did everything I could to make it awesome. It was unfinished so I painted it to look like my house at the time; white with blue shutters. My dad helped me install carpeting and laminate and even wire it for electricity!

I made all sorts of little foods and accessories for my dollhouse. My mother taught me to sew doll’s clothes (and now I’ve graduated with a BFA in costume design for theatre! Thanks Mom!) and I populated my house with turkeys, salmons, eggs, fruits and veggies. But, being a kid, I eventually stopped making things and moved on. I guess I’m a boomerang, because here I am again!

I got back in to making things with polymer clay when I hit my junior year of college. I couldn’t apply for financial aid for my summer class because I was only taking 4 credit hours and they wanted at least 9 before I could get money. When I saw that the textbook alone was $200 and an ECU exclusive that couldn’t be found used, I realized I had to start making a little something on the side besides my summer job to fund it.

Lyssa’s Stuff was born as a place for jewelry for girls, gamers, geeks, and guys!

Now there are over 50 designs! There are plugs for stretched ears, fake plugs, geeky stud earrings, food stud earrings, and fine silver stud earrings, and all are hypoallergenic.

The best thing about opening my Etsy (besides paying bills!) is the fun I have with my customers. I love how much interaction I have with them, and have made some really good friends!

┬áLong post, but there’s the story! Next post will be about the genesis of my other store, Towee!