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Maker Crush Monday! I Like to Make Stuff

Maker Crush Monday! I Like to Make Stuff

Time for the second Maker Crush Monday of 2016, and today is all about Bob Clagett, the brains behind “I Like to Make Stuff.”

Bob is awesome. That’s pretty much all there is to it. He makes everything. In 2015, he made the the jump to doing “I Like To Make Stuff” full time, in addition to fathering 4 kids. Whew. Congratulations, Bob!


Want to make a bedside table with a built in night light? Bob can show you how.


Want to learn Arduino Coding? Bob does that too. In 3 parts.

And of course, my personal favorite, how to build a secret door/bookcase. I need this in my life. And my house.

Check out his website for more absolutely incredible projects!